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Eagle Mount Great Falls

Eagle Mount is a non-profit organization that has been serving Great Falls and the surrounding communities since November of 1990. Eagle Mount offers therapeutic and recreational activities for adults, children and veterans with physical, developmental, mental and/or behavioral challenges to explore recreation and take on new adventures based on their abilities, not their disabilities.

The Eagle Mount ski mission is to permanently and positively enhance the lives of people with disabilities through the activity of skiing.  This is done by challenging limitations through personal achievement, providing a doorway of opportunity whereby individuals may strive to realize their potential, and enabling families and friends to participate with and share in the skiing experience. All programs rely heavily on volunteers, donors, and the local community to help the Eagle Mount participants overcome challenges and share in the love of recreation.

Bill Macfadden, the founder of Eagle Mount--Great Falls, and George Willett, the owner of Showdown Montana, created this great partnership with a simple handshake over 29 years ago.  Thanks to them, EVERYONE is able to experience the thrill of skiing and snowboarding in Central Montana.

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Executive Director: Deb Sivumaki

Who We Serve


Eagle Mount Great Falls services are available to individuals of all ages with a disability (physical, developmental, mental and/or behavioral) that makes it difficult or impossible to enjoy recreation without assistance.

Volunteers & Donors

Eagle Mount Great Falls relies heavily on volunteers and the local community to run our programs. Each program provides a fun way to gain volunteer experience. Volunteers will receive specialized training, develop great friendships, get some exercise, and share the love of recreational activities with a child or adult while helping them to overcome challenges. Businesses and individuals also provide their support through the use of their facilities, equipment, and donations. Eagle Mount--Great Falls is truly blessed by local support!

Eagle Mount Great Falls operates most days that Showdown is open throughout the winter season. Registration and reservations are required with the Eagle Mount Great Falls office to participate. At least 7 days’ notice of ski date is highly recommended. Eagle Mount will make their best effort to serve those in need.

Assistance may not be guaranteed for the following reasons:

  • Adaptive ski/board is not appropriate for all disabilities, ages or behaviors.
  • Individuals will be evaluated by Eagle Mount for appropriate activities.
  • Adaptive ski/board is dependent on volunteer availability.

Contact Information


Eagle Mount Great Falls
P.O. Box 2866
Great Falls, MT 59403

Phone: 406.454.1449

Fax: 406.454.1780

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Make the most of your winter

Multi-day Group Programs Available