“Our Base is Our People”: What makes Showdown, Showdown

“Our Base is Our People”: What makes Showdown, Showdown

As we wrap up the season, we reminisce about all the wonderful memories we made and the amazing people we worked and played with. It feels like opening day was just yesterday, and yet we already can't wait for next year!

On the first day of work, on the first day of the season, new employees are introduced to the world of Showdown Montana with a simple refrain: “Our Base is Our People.”

On the wall, just inside the main entryway of the Lodge, next to the smiling faces of our most celebrated employees, our guests are told something similar as they walk into our wonderful slice of skier’s paradise:

“Most Ski Areas build their reputations on their base, referring to how much snow they get.

And sure, we’re known for our legendary powder.

But what makes Showdown, Showdown, isn’t our snow.

Because the truth is good snow comes and goes.

Our base is our people….

People with warm hearts and nerves of steel.

People who are passionate about life, love and fun.

People who value service and connection with others as much as a sweet run or a paycheck.

Our base isn’t measured in inches…

Our base is measured in smiles, love, attention to detail and exceeding your expectations.


In 2018, Katie Boedecker, then General Manager, now owner of Showdown Montana, wrote this poetic description of our base. In fifteen short minutes, she put into words what everybody already intrinsically knew about our ski area since George Willett had first come into ownership more than 40 years ago, bringing with him a uniquely welcoming and loving community-based environment that brought Showdown through even the toughest of snow years.

We care so much about all of our employees, and we take care of each other. Anybody who believes in our creed is perfect to work here and will become a part of the family: we welcome and celebrate all forms of diversity, and that is part of what makes our base so valuable.

We love our guests, and we love each other. We’re here to make each other’s days and have the best season ever. 

Everything we do at Showdown reflects our genuine belief that our base is our people.

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-The It's All Down Hill Crew