Showdown Montana Locker Guidelines

Thanks for renting a locker up here at Showdown! To keep lockers safe and open, all users MUST follow these guidelines. If they are not followed, users risk possible fines, or termination of locker privileges without refund.


  • Individuals are added to the waitlist in order of interest. Fill out the form below to be added to the waitlist. Individuals who currently have a locker, but who would like to get a larger one will be placed on a switch list.

  • Non-responsive individuals on the switch or waitlist will be passed on and removed from the list(s) after a reasonable amount of time spent attempting to contact them. 

General Policies:

  • All lockers must have all gear removed at the end of the season. Failure to do so may result in a fine.

  • All locker holders must have a phone number, mailing address, and personal email address on file. If you move or are planning on moving please let us know!

  • Personal locks are allowed, however the codes must be put on file with Showdown. Failure to do so may result in your personal lock being cut, loss of locker privileges, or fines on your account. 

  • No storage of food overnight in lockers.

  • No subletting of lockers is allowed.

  • Installation of personal shelving, hooks, etc is OK, as long as it does not damage the locker.

  • Showdown is NOT responsible for lost or stolen items

We hope you have a great season! Any questions or concerns can be directed to Guest Services, or to